Vers 1Q Speakers

All of the awesome details about the 1Q leave no room for a witty introduction.

This speaker features Bluetooth v2.1 with a 30 foot range for wireless listening. The Bluetooth remembers up to 10 of your devices (meaning you only have to pair them up once.) You can also plug two 1Qs together for a full 13 watt stereo effect.


  • USB charging cable & 10W USB international charger
  • 3 foot extension cable & cotton carrying bag


  • 6.5W, 2” full range speaker in an 8 oz, 3” x 3” x 3” box
  • Internal battery that lasts 10 hours
  • 3.4 mm Aux ln

Each 1Q represents sustainable sound:

  • Vers plants 100 trees for every 1 tree used in production through the Arbor Day Foundation
  • Wood & bamboo sourced from sustainably-managed, family-owned mills
  • Comes in 100% recycled packaging that is also 100% recyclable
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The Design & The Good

Vers makes sustainable sound. That is, the sound that comes out of their earbuds is both environmentally sustainable and joyfully sustainable – our way of saying that you’ll want to sustain the amount of time you want to spend listening to your music.

When we stepped into the Vers studio in Framingham, Mass we were on our way to Boston, entirely fed up with 21st century traffic patterns, and completely pumped that we were getting to visit the offices of one of our partners.

Within five minutes of our arrival, we were comfortably seated in a studio that was completely the opposite of the I-90 Massachusetts Turnpike: calming, inspiring, and concerned with sustainability.

The first thing to notice about their studio is that it is a design haven of sorts – filled with drawings and prototypes to find the key intersection between aesthetic, performance, and sustainability.

Plastic, as it turns out, is one material that does not deliver sound very well. By contrast, wood allows Vers to construct sound cabinets that are four times as thick as plastic ones – rendering a more accurate and natural listening experience.

That sound experience is amazing because of smart design and smart materials – not jacked up power components. In fact, Vers systems use the lowest power components possible, using a Class D amplifiers as opposed to Class AB amplifiers. As Vers explains, 85% of the energy used by Class AB amplifiers is wasted as unwanted heat.

Vers also chooses to use wood because it is a renewable resource – and to keep the renewal cycle going, they plant 100 trees for every single tree they use to produce a product. In addition, the trees that they do use to build their products come from the most commonly available wood species; Vers actively chooses to avoid any tree production from rainforests or threatened areas. On the electronic side, Vers recycles all of its e-waste through the eStewards recycling network.

And finally, we also got to see the packaging up close and personal in their studio. Vers takes its packaging as an exercise in art and engineering: They’ve replaced plastic bags with paper ones and use trays with just the right amount of space to hold their systems, reducing packaging sizes by as much as 15%.

We walked out of their office a little disappointed at the thought of turning on the standard car radio again.