Never Give Up Jumbo Journal

Never Give Up Jumbo Journal. Copyright Ecojot.
  • Never Give Up Jumbo Journal. Copyright Ecojot.

Stuck trying to get your organic garden to grow? Frustrated convincing your friend to go to your favorite ethical burrito spot? Never ever give up on your goals.

Purchasing this journal automatically donates a workbook to a child who needs school supplies.

  • Recycled from 100% post-consumer waste
  • Printed and designed in Canada
  • 150 lined sheets
  • 6 x 9 inches (big enough to find in your purse)

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The Design & The Good

Ecojot, a Canadian company that designs and prints journals worth dreaming in, has created a line of paper products that are designed good for children's literacy, sustainable education, and consumer waste.

Ecojot donates a workbook to a child for every jumbo journal it sells. Their big dream has to do with education for children – and providing school supplies to children through their GIVE program.

Ecojot's reach is wide: They have donated over 20,000 notebooks to children in Haiti, Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, Poland, Honduras, St. Lucia, Zimbabwe, and other countries. They've also created awesome partnerships with nonprofits like The Schoolbag, which focuses specifically on giving children eco-friendly school supplies.

In addition, all of the paper used by Ecojot is 100% post-consumer recycled material.

Post-consumer material isn't the only kind of waste that exists. Pre-consumer waste comes from the manufacturing process – we can classify this as "post-industrial" waste, which means it comes out of factories rather than homes, workplaces, schools, and other places of consumption.

So when we say that Ecojot journals are made from post-consumer waste, it means that the paper and covers are recycled from materials you would find at the average household – the paper waste you might put into the recycling bin at the end of your driveway, for example. Post-consumer recycling is worth getting excited about because it prevents massive amounts of materials from going to landfills. And using recycled material means these notebooks didn't cut down more trees.

All of the journals are designed and printed in Canada.