Go on, stomp on something sustainable: Reed Wilson Design doormats are made from biodegradable coconut fibers.

Reed Wilson Design is the creative work of Reed Wilson, an American designer who specializes in 3D and furniture design.

  • Designed & made in the USA
  • 30” x 18”
  • Made from all-natural coco-fibers and recycled vinyl
  • Works for indoor or covered outdoor areas

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The Design & The Good

Reed Wilson Design puts a brand new spotlight on the home. Design helps define the places and spaces where we live – places that are more fun when shared with others. Why not welcome people to your home with a message for the light of heart?

The emergence of American design is one of the most compelling trends. Reed Wilson Design is part of the American Design Club, an exciting initiative that is connecting American designers across the country. It is this spirit of connection that really gets our product-loving blood flowing: The American Design Club is particularly invested in bringing people together and building a platform that allows these designers to talk to each other and share resources.

Creativity isn’t always the stereotyped lonely art we picture – conversations across mediums, across cities and states, and across various backgrounds are the kinds of discussions that make design truly vibrant. We love Reed Wilson Design in particular because there are no barriers – his products are playful, eco-friendly, and functional.

We’re also always impressed when great design is accompanied by great materials: Each mat is composed of recycled vinyl and sustainable coconut fibers, the latter of which are all-natural and taken directly from coconut husks.

Biodegradable materials are those that decompose by natural means – that is, biological or bacterial processes. It’s important to support products that meet these criteria to save landfill space and the energy spent on recycling.

We’re excited to welcome these mats into our Designed Good lives.