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Baristas and coffee-drinkers (okay, so those two categories overlap) all over the world can rejoice about JOCO Cups: They’re reusable glass coffee cups that use great design to make a paper-cup alternative you’ll look forward to using.

Each cup also comes in a 100% recyclable carrying case ideal for storing coffee grounds, paper clips, and/or buried treasure.

  • Reusable cup made of borosilicate glass (BPA free)
  • Complete with splash-safe lid and thermal silicone sleeve
  • Barista-certified 12 oz cup
  • Dishwasher, microwave, and freezer safe
  • An equal opportunity drink-holder when it comes to coffee & tea

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The Design & The Good

For those of us who bleed caffeine (we would use a less violent way of phrasing it, but coffee is just one of those do-or-die things), JOCO cups are the kind of shining solution that could only come from coffee-lovers themselves.

Of course, JOCO cups are ideal for any hot beverage – from an environmental and drinking point of view. The JOCO founders took two years to research and develop the perfect product, taking care to make sure everything from the cup to the sleeve to the packaging was socially-responsible and perfect for the user.

2.5 billion paper cups are used globally every year; paper cups cut down 50 million trees every year. It’s not the morning ritual of drinking a comforting brew that needs changing – just the vessels we put them in.

JOCO, then, is a pretty amazing design accomplishment: the cyclonic base pulls the sugar in your coffee to the base of your cup, hastening the dissolving time and balancing the flavor of your coffee. The thermal silicone sleeve keeps the coffee warm, your hands at a pleasant human temperature, and the cup in a colorful style of your choosing. Plus, glass prevents anything extra from messing with the taste of your perfectly brewed beans.

JOCO is interested in creating a product that supports real people’s lifestyles. Their design takes into account everything from taste to the splash-ability of its lid, and their cup is proof that products we all love are the solution to environmental waste.