Far & Wide Floral Bangles - India

This hand-painted and lacquered bangle is crafted from 100% recyclable Wrightia Tinctoria a plant native to India. Featuring tiny flowers painted on a bright white background, it has a contrasting purple interior. Available in small, medium and large widths.

Hand-painted bangles form a collaboration between Pakistani based designer Ange Braid and Indian craftsmanship. They are inspired by the traditional miniature paintings of Kashmir, a breathtakingly beautiful place that remains subject to much tension.

Jindal Crafts was established in Faridabad in 2006. It is renowned for its many talented teams of dedicated and hand-working artisans. A modern organization, Jindal Crafts plans to help grow the Indian economy through one of the country’s biggest assets: its rich culture and talented artisans. These hand-painted bangles form a collaboration between Pakistani design and Indian craftsmanship. They are inspired by the traditional miniature paintings from Kashmir, a place that has been the source of much tension (even war) between the two countries since independence from British rule and partition in 1947. Typically these kinds of bangles are covered with local prints and sold to tourists in India.

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The Design & The Good

With artisanal products from Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, and Kenya, Far & Wide Collective founder Hedvig Christine Alexander is curating great handmade products to the global market. Previously Jali Designs, Far & Wide is a re-named, re-scaled, and re-structured business, ready to take on the world (literally) and support craftsmen and women with compelling stories and products that are designed good.

Hedvig, Danish by descent and Canadian by citizenship, worked in Afghanistan for a decade, where she witnessed an inspiring cultural foundation. “When they have the right teaching and the right tools, product quality goes up,” she said. “We just needed to figure out how to get them to the market, which became an overarching challenge. Because what’s the point in educating people if they can’t sell their crops and feed their families?”

With the quirky, collective etsy.com as a business model guide, Hedvig’s mission upon moving westward became trying to really connect with buyers, transporting the products from women in Kabul in the most cost and time-efficient way. “Mainstream retail felt uncomfortable with language barriers and distance,” she said. “But there seems to be an interest in things that are handmade, so the opportunity was there. I tried to figure out a platform that would work for people who I think have very beautiful products.”

Far & Wide connects with artisans in various communities and countries, usually where yearly capita is less than $2,000. All craft is handmade, and customers need to feel good about their purchases. “That is part of our brand – that we have integrity. We give customers the most information possible so they can be part of making those choices,” Hedvig said. In most cases, the Far & Wide founder personally makes on-site visits; otherwise, she connects with like-minded women to band together and finds good business fits. “There’s quite a great risk, but I have the confidence that you can do a lot so that things don’t go off track.”

The company hand-picks artisans and choose product samples to run. Any artisans who are not chosen are given guidance on design, product access, or quality control – it’s all about engaging with them and helping them one-on-one. “What I felt was missing in Afghanistan was the supply chain,” Hedvig said. “I’m trying to be efficient in logistics and management to get awareness, so we can do more development work. Women can work, but nobody thinks of getting things to the actual market, so we’re adding that to the picture.”

The collection of countries, artisans, and products that comprise Far & Wide is growing at an umpteenth degree -- fostering creativity, design, business, and collaboration all over the planet. Their picture really is far and wide.