Brooklyn Slate Cheese Boards

Brooklyn Slate Co. was founded on several genius principles, and one of our favorites is this: passing along a tray of delicious treats is one ingredient for fabulous conversation and a comfortable time with friends.

These cheese plates are entertainment-ready and created by two Brooklyn designers who imagined more for the daily objects in our lives.

  • Made of slate sourced from their family quarry in upstate New York & produced in Red Hook, Brooklyn
  • Packaged in a reusable burlap bag along with soapstone chalk for writing the names of cheeses right on the board
  • Includes anti-slip padded feet
  • Treated and sealed for food safety. Washable with a sponge and dish soap.

Please allow 7-10 days for shipping. If you qualify for free shipping (because you’ve referred 2 or more people), we’ll refund your shipping cost after you make your purchase with no extra processing fee.

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The Design & The Good

Brooklyn-based, environmentally-smart company Brooklyn Slate began as a fun couples project. Sean Tice and his partner Kristy saw a slate cheese board that someone had made, and they thought they could do it better. After visiting Kristy’s family quarry in upstate New York, the pair started experimenting with unused pieces of slate, creating cheese boards, hot plates, and coasters. Now, they exercise their creative prowess on a savvy lifestyle brand while impacting two atmospheres – the summer party scene and the greater natural world.

Brooklyn Slate is on a mission to grow summer gatherings and festivities, focusing on local food movements and environmental conservation. By re-furbishing otherwise wasted pieces of slate, Sean and Kristy have initiated what they consider to be ongoing conversations – their own conversation with consumers, and consumers’ social conversations thereafter. They’ve found that when hosting guests, presenting cheese or other finger-foods on a 10 x 14 piece of slate inevitably starts dialogue, and that’s exactly what the dynamic duo wants in a product.

If you don’t consider eating off of a rock an appealing prospect, think again. Sean and Kristy choose slate pieces that are level and flat on either side, with fingerprint-like characteristics that make the stone unique and beautiful. With a triple-washing process, each board is blasted down and loose fragments are removed, ensuring “good integrity” within each product. A final boiling and sealant process makes each slate “food safe” like a plate, ready to go. An online LookBook helps capture the essence of each new piece; a food photographer helps Sean and Kristy incorporate food from local restaurants and organic farms alongside their beautifully crafted ware.

“The board is sort of the thesis and everything around it is very much connected,” the pair explained. “Almost like adding to the conversation we’re trying to have. If people like our board and what we’re doing, we’re trying to find pieces that would match with it.” Their creation process beyond the original cheese boards extends to Kristy’s home. While paying attention to the story behind each piece, Kristy looks for things she would want in her own house to create a particular minimalistic and modern look.

Every single piece of a Brooklyn Slate board – packaging, too! – is entirely recycled or made from natural materials. With already low product impact, Brooklyn Slate is now considering the most eco-friendly methods of mass transportation and packing as they look to distribute their completely reusable product internationally. Brooklyn Slate is looking to spark never-ending conversation, environmental creativity, and local patriotism. Let the “green” celebrations commence.