Backgammon Set DIY Kit

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Make this game with a friend, play this game with a friend, or at least Skype with a friend while you’re ordering it online. This holiday season, play this classic game on a handcrafted set you’ve made yourself – with or without chestnuts roasting on the open fire.

The kit requires you to have absolutely zero sewing experience. A sewing machine is recommended, but not absolutely required.

  • Sourced and assembled in the USA
  • All materials are all-natural for lifetime quality
  • Includes fabric with your map pattern drawn onto it – so you only need to stitch on top of the pattern
  • Includes full instructions, pattern, cutting guide, natural cotton canvas, orange cotton canvas, quilt batting, natural thread, and pins & a hand needle
  • Also includes 30 hand-stamped game pieces and 4 dice (2 sets of blue and white)

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The Design & The Good

Brooklyn Assembly Kits are more than a testament to the DIY movement: they represent an idea about time well spent and things that carry a little extra meaning.

Althea Erickson launched Brooklyn Assembly Kits just one month ago to give people the chance to experience the same feeling she does when she makes things with her hands. She has been sewing and making things since the age of 13, working in a costume shop at her college and remaining interested in design and DIY activities since.

She sees the kits as an “on-ramp” of sorts: they give people an easy, accessible opportunity to hop on board the crafty train. It’s a fun train to be on.

Her kits are exciting because, as Althea explained to us this week, they give people a chance and a reason to interact with each other. And it’s true – we don’t even have to take a hop, skip, or a jump to imagine wanting to sew a backgammon set with a friend or two. Even if you’re making something alone as a gift, they’re the kind of gift you want to hand deliver so you can explain why you were inspired to make them that pillow.

In fact, the first DIY Map Pillow grew out of a pillow that Althea made for two of her friends as a wedding gift – she included a map of Mystic, CT where they got married.

We think these are the kinds of gifts that last – the kinds of gifts that always have stories attached to them.

She sources all of her materials from within the United States, taking time to support smaller family businesses in doing so. All of the materials included in the kits are all-natural so that they are not only sustainable, but also high quality and long lasting.

But one of the reasons that what Althea’s building is full of energy is that her kits aren’t the only DIY element. The entire Brooklyn Assembly Kits enterprise is DIY, insofar as Althea has taught herself coding, graphic design, and a whole host of skills needed to start an online business.

In the end, Brooklyn Assembly Kits are a celebration of a lifestyle – one with a little bit of tender loving instructions, a lot of care, and a whole heap of fun.