Apple & Bee - Bee The Change Eco Clutch

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Australian-based Apple & Bee is one company that believes sustainability and fashion can go hand in hand. Besides using organic and biodegradable materials in their products, they are also a carbon neutral company.

  • 5.11” x 8.85”
  • Made with organic jute and a biodegradable plastic lining

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The Design & The Good

It used to be about the birds and the bees, but now the rage is Apple & Bee – an eco-friendly cosmetics-and-more company that originated in the minds of two entrepreneurial spirits “down under.” Apple & Bee co-owner Brett Pattinson was inspired by a spot in the Australian market for environmental totes, and his counterpart Claire Morris was the art director for Marie Claire Australia. With one lightbulb moment and a graphics guru, the pair set to work, Brett with product ideas and Claire with design. Their persistence in craft has helped the company’s continual expansion, as well as their most recent medal-worthy accomplishment – a custom bag line for luxury specialty department store Neiman Marcus.

The duo’s passion for the environment is evident in their choice of name and cause. The honey bee is beloved at Apple & Bee, so Brett and Claire founded The Bee Foundation in 2009 to help raise money and awareness for the buzzing, black-and-yellow insect. In-house, Apple & Bee has created an entirely eco line, complete with organic cotton, hemp, jute, and calico. They’ll use PET or biodegradable plastics “where necessary,” all in the effort of making as small of a footprint as possible on Mother Earth. As a carbon neutral company with organics galore, Apple & Bee is set on being a brand that delivers in quality (for customers and the planet), with house-made designs at affordable prices.

The company is ever-concerned with their customer, whose wants drive product development (and consequently, sales). Zoe Bryant, the company’s Sales and Marketing Director, said, “I always ask our clients if there’s something they need or want, and basically that’s how we come up with new ideas – by asking people. That’s how our wine tote came about, travel wallets, and lunch bags.” Claire’s two children also inspired an Apple & Bee expansion to a kid’s range, and demand has proven it to be a successful business move.

If you want to join in the earthly fun that is Apple & Bee (as you should), Designed Good has your fix. But if it’s just not enough, no worries – 300 stores in Australia, 500 in the US, 200 throughout Europe and newer locations in Japan, New Zealand, and Asia Pacific are surely able to satisfy your buzzing desire.