1:Face Watches

1:Face is building a movement for change based on the power of consumers. They want to make humanitarian strides, one face at a time, and they’ve designed a universal wristwatch to make the time for change come a little faster.

Each colored digital watch corresponds to a different cause and the innovative nonprofit associated with it. You can see the direct impact of your purchase according to color:

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The Design & The Good

Finding 1:Face was a lot like finding the perfect dating match. On the surface, our values and goals were the same – using great design for social change – and as we began to ask more questions, our philosophies only seemed to line up more and more.

And like any great date, 1:Face is open and transparent about what it’s up to. Our favorite thing about 1:Face is the way they spell out the impact of each purchase – that 14 pink watches supports one mammogram, 3 blue watches buys one charcoal efficient stove, and so forth.

We caught up with 1:Face founder and champion Fam Mirza, who told us more about 1:Face’s mission. “I grew up in a third world country for the first seven years of my life and did not experience the same pleasantries that we are blessed with in the United States,” Fam told us. “After visiting the same community I lived in my early years, my eyes were opened to an opportunity to bring the much needed help to those in unfortunate situations.”

1:Face has six different color watches that correspond with six different causes – hunger, water access, breast cancer, the environment, and AIDS. Each cause has a strong humanitarian link, aimed at making a measurable difference for individuals and communities. 1:Face works with a specific charity for each cause, choosing organizations based on their credit-worthy history and groundbreaking work in areas that need targeted attention.

But the link between the design and the cause goes far beyond color. Indeed, the 1:Face watch has a universal design that mirrors its social objectives. Fam pointed out that the minimal design of the watch is appealing across age and gender brackets. “I believe the design appeals to all demographics, and by accomplishing this we are able to create change on a massive scale,” he explained. “The mirror face element of the watch [also] gives the consumer the idea that change lies within their individual contribution.”